Learn to Fly 1

Learn to Fly 1  is a flash game made by Max Games. The game’s story is simple, as the main character, a nameless penguin, stumbles on an article in “Kiwipedia” (a play on the the real site, Wikipedia) and sees that penguins lack the ability to fly. Displeased by the limitation of his or her body, the penguin then begins trying different methods to fly.

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The Gameplay

The game starts with the penguin sliding down a long ramp that tilts upward towards the end, launching him/her into the air. The objective of the game is to try to fly as high and as long as you can before you drop to the water.

After each flight attempt, you get money. The money you receive depends on how long you were in the air, how fast you went and how high you flew before dropping down to the water below. A small list of statistics regarding your flight is displayed after each flight attempt. Every stat will affect how much money you receive, like your maximum flight altitude, flight distance and flight duration. You flight distance and maximum flight altitude both contribute to how much money you will receive, and your flight duration multiplies the amount.

Save money to buy various upgrades in the game. Some of the upgrades include increasing the ramp’s height to propel the penguin further into the air, smoothing out the surface of the ramp to increase acceleration, and reducing air resistance to prevent speed loss. The player is given a basic glider at the beginning of the game, which is also upgradable. A better glider means more flight control and longer flight times. A rocket upgrade is also available for use and acts similar to a rocket booster or a jetpack to increase flight distance and duration.

The player may use the rocket during flight to propel the penguin further into the air, extending the flight duration, although using the rocket requires some timing. Carelessly using the rocket even before the penguin is losing altutitude could waste the rocket’s usefulness. Carefully judge the time and distance between the penguin and the water; just before the penguin is about to fall into the water is when the rocket should be used to increase the flight distance and duration.

Like the glider, the rocket is also upgradable, and purchasing the rocket unlocks an extra upgrade that affects the duration in which the rocket can be used. Saving money and buying many upgrades would be a good choice, as you earn more money depending on how well your flight went.


learn to fly 1

The Stages

There are five different levels to choose from in the game, although only the first one is available to the player at the beginning of the game. There is a small list of achievements for the player to complete, such as travelling longer, flying higher, and flying faster. Completing the said achievements unlocks the next level. The first level sports a normal sized 5-foot ramp, while the second level has a significantly taller 10-foot ramp and the third level has a much higher 20-foot ramp compared to the two and so on and so forth. As you progress to different levels, the achievements become more and more difficult to attain. Advance to the final stage and complete all of the achievements to beat the game.


Tips & Tricks

Try to buy as many upgrades as you can while finishing different achievements. Buy the rocket immediately as soon as you get the money for it. Also upgrade the rocket fuel upgrade immediately as this can greatly increase your flight duration and altitude which will, in turn, give you more money at the end of every flight. And more money means more upgrades, so buying the rocket first and upgrading it would be the smart choice. After upgrading the rocket, you should then turn your attention to upgrading the glider, as upgrading it could make you stay in the air longer.

Do the next stage as soon as it is unlocked. More advanced stages give better flight results which will give you more money for your upgrades. You can come back and complete unfinished achievements later with much ease if you’ve bought most of the upgrades. And most important of all, have fun!

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