Learn to Fly 3

Learn to Fly 3 is all about a penguin who has to clear a large distance using only the potty given to him. You are given a potty and a large sloping hill to ride on. Hop on to the potty, watch it slide and clear the longest distance given to you in the game. It sounds simple but it’s never that simple in games like this.

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Controls of the game

The controls in Learn to Fly 3 are very simple and straightforward. You are given the potty and you are first supposed to push it down the slope. Press the right key  to speed it up as it gains momentum and slides down the slope. Once you’ve reached maximum speed ride the potty with the up key. Controls are performed with the number keys from 1-5.


The main objective of the game is to reach maximum distance and height with your potty. At first achieving this is quite the chore with the basic potty as your only tool. But as the game progresses with each jump your score incerases and you earn various amounts of money depending on the height and distance you have traveled with each attempt. Money can also be gained through performing various tricks and stunts in the potty.



The new upgrades are much better than before and there are so many of them!  Just looking at the pictures you will see what upgrades you can get. And they are quite significant. The upgrades include better wheels to be able to travel faster and carry better weight. A better body of the potty to sustain you inside. It also includes rocket boosters to propel you faster and higher in the air. It also includes fuel tanks to carry more fuel for the rockets and even stabilizers so your charcter can have more balance in the potty. Better balance means more room for tricks. And more tricks performed means more money to earn.


Various Levels

There are four levels in the game. These various ramps or hills are the ramps you will have to overcome to beat the game and they progress in height, distance and difficulty with each ramp. You begin with warm up hill then progress to happy hill, Beach Cliff, then Blaster Hill. Each ramp gets more difficult and to progress to each it is essential that you upgrade your potty each time you get. Do not even try to scrimp on the money and invest with the upgrades as soon as you can. To advance to each hill you must clear a certain distance and achieve a certain maximum height.


Tips for the game

Always upgrade when you have the chance. Do not save the money. And always perform stunts for extra money. Also balance the potty as best as you can. Falling over and landing badly can reduce your score and the money you earn. And above all else never give up even after failing over and over again. This game rewards repeated effort with even small amounts of money. And all the money you earn adds up.

Game Presentation and Age Appropriateness

The game is presented in bright visuals and cute graphics which will appeal to anyone. The sounds of the game are crisp and clear. The music is very catchy and you can easily listen to it as you play. The theme of the game may be quite strange but it’s not likely anyone would do this in real life so it is quite suitable for all ages. Enjoy playing the game and riding on your potty to greatness.



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