Learn to Fly 5

Learn to Fly 5 has the penguin using a shopping cart to propel himself over a long and tall distance through a ramp. The premise is very simple but as you progress through the game you will see that it’s very addicting and it’s not as simple as it seems. The game will have you coming back for more to complete it in no time.

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Controls of the game:

The controls in Learn to Fly 5 are very simple and easy to learn. Press the right key to move the shopping cart forward. Once you have gained enough speed and momentum to barrel down the slope, press the up key to get inside. Once in the air, press the left and right keys to balance your shopping cart. Perform tricks with various controls. The tricks can only be purchased along with the upgrades so earn enough money to perform them. For the beginning of the game use only the directional keys to control the cart.


It’s all about reaching the maximum height and distance in games like this. If you can clear the maximum distance and achieve the highest altitude, you’re sure to earn a lot of money which will lead to better upgrade and in this game stunt abilities. Once you’ve achieved all this earning money becomes easier and easier and the results become more spectacular.

Upgrades and stunts:

The upgrades are various in this game. They are as simple as better wheels, better body of the shopping cart, and a baseball to perform a specific stunt with. But they also get more complex and strange as the game continues. They include a total body makeover with gold for the shopping cart, a football helmet, propeller beanie hats, rockets and afterburners and even groupie fans who will cheer you and add to your earnings. Perhaps the strangest upgrade is the diamond crusted spinners. The game says it itself. It does nothing but it’s really expensive so it’s more of a status symbol.

learn to fly 5

The stunts increase in difficulty and price. The more complex the stunt, the more money you can earn performing it. These include the simple up and out, the superman, the wheelie, the up and out flip, the handstand, and handstand wheelie, and finally the pole vault. The pole vault is the most complex stunt as it involves first purchasing the bat, but this stunt can earn you the most amount of money with the stunts.

Perhaps the best and most spectacular stunt or upgrade to perform is the small fireworks display. This triggers fireworks as you fly up into the air. The effect is nothing short of spectacular and eye catching, so getting this stunt is a priority.


There are no levels in the game. It’s only the single ramp that you have to traverse over and over again. But the game more than makes up for the lack of levels with all the stunts and upgrades you can perform with all the money you earn.

There’s no lack of graphical presentation here. The graphics seem simple and basic at first, but as you progress and perform the stunts with the help of the upgrades, the graphical look just gets better and better. There is however a lack of sound effects in the game as there’s no music. Still the overall presentation of the game is more than enough to get you playing it over and over again.

Age Appropriateness:

The game is not overly violent or shocking in any way. And the cartoon-like graphics ensures that it is hilarious and funny enough not to be taken too seriously. All ages can play this game and have a lot of fun with it.



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