Learn to Fly Walkthrough

Learn to Fly is a flash game with a very simple yet intriguing premise. The game is all about a nameless penguin who is determined to change his destiny from being a bird that cannot fly to a bird that can. This is where the game and gameplay revolves around on. On various methods, tactics and tools that will help the penguin fly.

Beating Game in 16 Days



The game has you controlling the penguin as it slides down a long ramp that tilts upwards. Sliding on this ramp will launch the penguin into the air. This will have him flying for a brief amount of time. The objective of the game is to fly farther, longer and higher in this way, before eventually touching down on the water.

You get money this way by repeatedly launching yourself like this. The money you receive depends on how long you were in the air, how fast you went and how high you flew before hitting the water. Statistics are displayed after each attempt. Pay attention to these statistics as each stat affects how much money you receive with every attempt. You flight distance and maximum flight altitude both increase the money you receive and your flight duration further multiplies the amount.


Saving a lot of money is extremely important in this game. The money is used to buy various upgrades in the game. Some of the significant upgrades include increasing the ramp’s height to propel the penguin further into the air,making the surface of the ramp smoother to increase acceleration, and reducing air resistance to prevent speed loss. The player is given the chance to purchase a basic glider at the start of the game, which is also upgradable. You should definitely upgrade this tool as it’s the start of better things to come.  The glider can be upgraded which will lead to better flight control and longer flight duration.

There is also a rocket upgrade which will double the performance of the glider but using it requires some timing. Use the rocket when the penguin begins to lose altitude to extend his flight. Carefully judging the time and distance between the penguin and the water here is the key. The ideal time to use the rocket is when the penguin is about to drop into the water. Just like the glider it is essential that you upgrade the rocket for better results. Purchasing the rocket gives you a chance to upgrade it’s duration of use. This will lead to being able to use it more before it burns out. This is also an essential upgrade to get when you have the rocket.


Getting 6000ft


Stages and achievements

There are five levels in the game. The first stage is the only one playable at first. Completing stages is only the first step to unlock the other stages to play on. There is a list of achievements the player must complete, such as travelling longer, flying higher, and flying faster. Completing these achievements successfully, unlocks the next level. The first level has a normal sized 5-foot ramp, the second level increases the ramp to 10 feet and a significantly and the third level has a 20-foot ramp and so on and so forth. As you progress in the levels the achievements become harder to attain so it’ll take some work. But beat all the levels and get all the achievements and you will complete the game.


Valuable Tips

The first thing you must do in the game is immediately upgrade. Upgrading what you have is the only way to progress significantly. As soon as you get the money for it buy the rocket ASAP. Then upgrade the rocket fuel immediately as this increases your flight duration and altitude which will give you more money at the end of every flight. And more money means more upgrades,  making it a good chain of events that starts with purchasing upgrades.

After upgrading the rocket, upgrade the glider, to make you stay in the air longer. Do the next stage as soon as it is unlocked. More advanced stages give better flight results which will give you more money for your upgrades. Don’t worry if you can’t or don’t achieve some of the achievements. Just earn some money, then upgrade and return to the achievements that you didn’t achieve before.

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