Learn to Fly 4

Learn to Fly 4: Flying Devices is the next installment in the Learn to Fly series. The penguin has achieved just about everything he’s set his mind to achieving. He’s taken down icebergs and snowmen. He’s taken on polar bears. And he’s beaten them all. So what’s next? Upgrades and real flight of course!

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Designing Flying Machines

Learn to Fly 4 takes the series to the next level by having our fearless penguin create flying machines for real from scratch. You will do missions and earn money the standard way by using the ramp and flying. But the money you make will be spent purchasing parts that will eventually build flying machines. You can construct an airplane and a rocket this way. The penguin going to space? You’ll have to play to see if it can really happen!

Story mode and other additions

Story mode again returns and here you are off to do standard flying and testing missions with the ramp. The penguin test dummy returns for more action and flying and crashing. Keep repeating the process and you will earn money. The money can be used to purchase the parts for designing the aircraft and later the more ambitious rocket ship. But to be able to fly faster longer and higher you will again have to purchase the other tools for flying in the previous games. The bobsled, the glider and the rocket powered plane all make comebacks in this installment as well.


Bonuses also return in this new game. As always purchase in game cheats with the bonuses. The best bonus is the calendar bonus. Using this bonus you can significantly alter time to your advantage, giving you the freedom to earn more money in more time.

As in the previous games, the key to earning all the money is in purchasing all the upgrades and bonuses. You cannot possibly earn as much as you can without investing in them first. Once you’ve invested in the upgrades, earning the money will follow. And after you earn the money it’s easy to purchase parts for your plane then rocket ship.

Planes and Rockets

The three main parts to get for the huge plane is the wings, the body and the propeller. When you purchase all these the game gives you the option to put them together to make your own plane. With the plane the ramp becomes useless and flight is as long as possible in the game till the plane runs out of fuel. When that happens you will be forced to crash land and spend for some repairs. But it will be useable again after the repairs. But the height, distance, and time of your flight will all increase with the purchase of the plane.




To get the rocket all you’ll need to purchase is it’s huge body and a lot of payload. This will enable it to fly straight upwards into new and uncharted territory for the penguin. After the fuel is depleted, it wll also fall straight down requiring repairs. But afterwards it can be used again as well.


As always, control the penguin’s flight path with either the mouse, or the left and down keys. This will control factors like his trajectory and distance in flight. Switch to what is convenient for you in the game.

Graphics and presentation:

As always, the game retains it’s cartoon-like look. Because of this it is very suitable for kids of all ages. They will enjoy guiding the penguin to victory. And the satisfaction to be gained from getting the plane and the rocket is well worth the wait in this game.

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